Cox Automotive saves 8 million litres of water, and counting…

Cox Automotive saves 8 million litres of water, and counting…

Manheim car wash

Cox Automotive has helped to reduce water wastage with an innovative water recirculation system at its Manheim Gloucester, Colchester and Leeds centres.

The environmentally-friendly system collects the water used to wash cars and vans, and puts it through an effective filtration process so it can be used again.

The process filters all traces of solid matter and harmful chemicals, ready to wash another vehicle.

Since first introducing water recirculation at Manheim Colchester in 2017, Cox Automotive has recycled more than 8 million litres of water, that’s enough to fill three Olympic swimming pools, 100,000 baths, or more than 22 million mugs of tea.

The introduction of water recirculation at UK sites is part of ‘Cox Conserves’, an ambitious programme led by Cox Enterprises, Cox Automotive’s parent company.

Over the past ten years Cox Conserves has delivered extraordinary results on carbon emissions, waste to landfill and water usage.

Martin Forbes, CEO of Cox Automotive, said: “I think we all agree that supporting positive environmental change is extremely important, and this initiative is a really innovative way to conserve water.”

“The achievements of the Cox Conserves programme in the USA are a real inspiration, and I’m delighted that we’ve already saved 8 million litres of water here in the UK.”

“We want to build on the great start we’ve made, and as we continue to invest in our facilities, we’ll look at introducing environmentally sustainable initiatives like this wherever possible.”

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