Fuel/ talk episode 4

Fuel/ talk episode 4: Liam Quegan talks Women With Drive

Fuel/talk is a bi-weekly ‘chat show’ hosted by Cox Automotive's James Davis that aims to share valuable context around the market, our propositions, news and stories, and areas of expertise.

In this episode... Liam Quegan joins James Davis again, this time to discuss Women With Drive (WWD). Liam is MD of Manheim Auction Services and NextGear Capital, and board sponsor of Cox Automotive’s Women With Drive initiative. WWD was founded in 2016 with a remit to celebrate the work of women in the automotive industry and support female achievements, aspirations and successes. The ‘movement’ has grown over the years to incorporate the Barbara Cox Woman of the Year Award and a programme of events designed to empower both women and men to champion equality and ‘think big’. The latest event takes place – virtually – on Thursday 1st October and coincides with National Inclusion Week. Liam tells us more…

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