and integrate and integrate to help dealers sell cars more quickly

•    New integration on enables dealers to list newly bought stock on with just one click
•    Cuts average time from winning at auction to advertising online from seven days to zero and have combined to give UK car dealers the ability to list their newly purchased stock on and Flex dealer websites with just one click, helping them to generate leads even before they have received the vehicle.

Phill Jones, Managing Director at customers who ‘win’ vehicles online through fellow Cox Automotive UK brand – the award winning online trade to trade remarketer – can now immediately upload their new stock to their listings.

By using’s online stock registration platform, AutoEdit Go, dealers can quickly add ‘won’ stock to their listings, putting their vehicle in front of 5.1 million car buyers across the Network the same day.

This partnership means dealers can cut the average time from winning a vehicle at auction to advertising it online from seven days to zero.

The integration with is another example of’s innovative integration with Cox Automotive companies to help dealers find, fund, move and sell their cars more quickly. It follows’s integration with NextGear to enable dealers to quickly secure funding for their newly bought vehicles, and then find a quote for onward delivery through Movex.

Phill Jones, Managing Director at, said: “The sooner a car is listed on the internet, the quicker it will generate interest that will lead to a sale. This integration means dealers can immediately put their cars in front of 5.1m used cars buyers through the Network and onto their own Flex website.

“On average, this integration will save dealers seven days between purchase and listing. This will undoubtedly help dealers save time and generate more sales. This is just the start of how Cox Automotive brands are working more closely together so support our customers.

Kieran TeeBoon, Operations Director of Dealer Auction, added: “Our auction has grown over the last 8 years by putting the best sellers in front of the best buyers in the UK.

“We are now extending that by making our buyers able to market the stock they win on Dealer Auctions live auction on the best platforms for selling retail stock provided by Motors.Co.UK. What’s more, we have been able to make it as simple as just clicking your mouse and its ready to advertise.

“With more than 80,000 trade cars being sold via Dealer Auction to 4,500 independent dealers all over the UK, by getting these cars to market quicker means everyone’s a winner.”