celebrates record visits celebrates record visits for automotive partner network

• Network reaches 5.1m consumers for first time in March 2017
•         Automotive website network sets second new record in three months
•         Dealers benefitting from wider car buying audience and transparent pricing network is celebrating a record number of visitors to its automotive partner Network, as it continues to grow its market share.

In March 2017, the Network reached 5.1m consumers across its automotive websites. This year, the network has introduced and Used Car Expert as new partners and has now beaten its record of unique visitors for the second time in three months.

In January, the Network reached 4.9m consumers and since then, has introduced its new Value Based Pricing – linking the response car dealers receive from their advertised vehicles with how much they pay.

Now, car dealers are given a full understanding how many lead actions, such as consumer page views and enquiries, that a vehicle receives and how much each one costs.

Phill Jones, Managing Director of, said: “In a period of political and economic uncertainty, we understand that car dealers want their sales processes and marketing strategy to remain in their control.

“By advertising with us, dealers are benefitting from a transparent and fair model that promotes stock to wide range of car buyers, who can view and go on to purchase their vehicles.

“This is the second time the record for unique visitors to our automotive Network has been broken in 2017 and we only expect this trend to continue this year as we make it easier than ever to advertise vehicles on multiple websites.”