More advertising images for car dealers offers car dealers more advertising images

•         Dealers can now add up to 25 pictures to each of their car adverts
•         Consumers now given better picture selections of cars they are looking to buy

Dealers can now add up to 25 pictures to each of their car adverts with

UK car dealers can now present more pictures of their stock to the country’s car buyers thanks to a new solution from

The new offering allows dealers to add up to 25 pictures for each of their adverts, giving consumers a wider selection of images to help them make the right choice when they search for their next car on the website.

This solution follows best practice advice from, a Cox Automotive sister company, which found that its customers saw an 18 per cent rise in new and used car sales when they added an average of 25 images to their car adverts.*

Dermot Kelleher, Director of Marketing and Business Intelligence at, said: “We are committed to providing dealers with market leading solutions and the tools they need to successfully communicate with the country’s car buyers.

“By launching 25 Images we are following best practice guidelines, as demonstrated by our sister company, giving consumers access to a clear visual understanding of what they’re investing in, as well as the option to read about all of a car’s specifications. The new 25 Images solution gives dealers the chance to further profile each of their cars and ensure their potential customers have the detail they need ahead of making a purchase.”