urges dealers to extend opening hours urges dealers to extend summer opening hours to answer rising evening calls

• urges dealers to extend opening hours in summer to respond to a greater proportion of telephone enquiries being made in the evening
•    Car search website finds 22% increase in the proportion of consumer calls made between 6 and 8pm during April to June 2017
•    Response-tracking platform, The Eye, helps dealers understand how and when consumers are contacting them calls generated is urging car dealers to extend their opening hours in order to take advantage of increased evening telephone enquiries during the summer months.

The car search website has found a 22% increase in the proportion of telephone enquiries made by consumers to dealers between the hours of 6pm and 8pm in April to June this year (Q2), compared to between January and March 2017 (Q1). also discovered that 23% of telephone enquiries made to dealers between 6pm and 8pm since the start of 2017 have not been answered by a person or a voicemail system, leaving potential customers to either submit an online enquiry or call again the following morning.
Phill Jones, Managing Director of, said: “With the share of evening telephone enquiries increasing by nearly a quarter in summer months, consumers have shown they are prepared to search for and purchase vehicles as daylight hours improve.

“Our response-tracking platform, The Eye, shows dealers when consumers interact with their stock on the Network and try to contact them. By using this tracking, dealers can understand how they need to manage their resources and business hours to effectively respond to enquiries.

“While it is understandable that some dealers may not be able to keep the office open long after 6pm, it could be very worthwhile at redirecting calls from the office to a mobile until 8pm.

At the very least, we highly recommend investing in a reliable voicemail system to reassure consumers that they will receive a call back the next day.
- Phill Jones, Managing Director of recently relaunched The Eye – its vehicle response tracking platform – where dealers can monitor Lead Assists, listen to telephone calls and read emails generated by their advertising.