National Apprenticeship Week

Jordan Pfleger – Apprentice Project Manager, Modix

Jordan Pfleger – Apprentice Project Manager, Modix

Tell us about what it’s like to be an apprentice, what does your day look like?

Very much like everyone else’s! When I first started there was a lot of shadowing and note-taking to get used to my role, but now I’m regularly given projects to manage. Everything from stakeholder meetings to team stand-ups, project planning and resource allocation.

Why did you become an apprentice, what attracted you?

Project management is a very difficult field to get into without working your way up from the bottom and this seemed like to ideal chance to get a head start. As part of an apprenticeship you gain experience that no amount of studying can give you, which is crucial in the current job market, while also working towards a qualification.

What attracted you to our company?

While I didn’t know much about cars (and still don’t!), I knew that as a digital business, my prior experience as a developer would be invaluable to a career at Cox Automotive. I also live not far away, and the friendly team members are a great bonus!

When you’ve completed your apprenticeship, what do you see as the next steps?

My next step after completing my apprenticeship would be to secure a continued role with my team as a fully-fledged project manager and to continue managing all our data export migrations.

How important is it for companies like Cox Automotive to have an apprentice programme?

When companies like Cox Automotive have apprenticeship programmes, it gives people with little experience the chance to gain real experience and knowledge that would normally take years, while working with market leaders in their fields.

If you were to recommend an apprenticeship to a team member, what would you say?

What better way is there to learn a role, than doing it? You gain real experience and a great qualification!