National Apprenticeship Week

Michael Clark – Buyer Services Assistant, Manheim Shotts

Michael Clark – Buyer Services Assistant, Manheim Shotts

Tell us about your experience of being an apprentice?

Being honest, at the start I looked at the apprenticeship like any other job, but soon realised that it was in fact an unbelievable opportunity! In my opinion, working while at the same time having the ability to gain a qualification cannot be beaten. The whole process was made as easy as possible and I felt I was really being looked after very well. As a result of working hard and fully committing to my apprenticeship, I was offered a full-time role and now my ‘job’ has turned into the option of a career!

Why did you want to be one, what attracted you?

An apprenticeship allows you to learn while you work, which I found very attractive as it makes the process as easy as possible for the apprentice. I looked at the apprenticeship as a huge opportunity to not only gain a qualification, but also an opportunity to start a career.

Looking back on your time as an apprentice, what was the single biggest learning or highlight?

The main part of my role was to build relationships with buyers. At times this can be challenging, but looking back over the year, I would say this was by far the best and most rewarding part. I have built strong relationships with hundreds of buyers and knowing that you are helping people with their business is a great feeling. I am looking forward to building many more relationships in the future!

What would you say to a manager to convince them of the benefit of having an apprentice in their team?

An apprenticeship presents an opportunity for someone, particularly young people in my opinion, to prove their worth to a company in a particular role, and is a fantastic investment opportunity for the business.

If you were to recommend an apprenticeship to a team member, what would you say?

Go for it! An apprenticeship could be the start of a career and through hard work and commitment, you can be presented with amazing opportunities.