Consumers use three or more search websites

Nearly three quarters of consumers use three or more search websites when looking for their next car, says

•         UK car buyers are using a variety of search websites to find a new vehicle
•         72 per cent of consumers use three or more to find their next car
•         Dealers need to ensure their stock reaches consumers at multiple touchpoints in the car buying cycle

Dermot Kelleher, Director of Marketing & Business Intelligence at

The majority of UK car buyers are using several services to find their next car, according to new consumer research from The company’s recent Car Buyer Survey 2016 revealed that nearly three quarters of consumers (72 per cent) used three or more car search websites to find their next car.

When asked how many car search websites they used to find their current car, 52 per cent of respondents said between three and five and 20 per cent said they had used more than six, while less than a third (28.4 per cent) visited fewer than three websites before making their choice.

The survey revealed that 74 per cent of respondents used multiple car search sites to ensure they had seen all the available cars matching their requirements in their local area. Consumers are also using multiple sites to compare prices elsewhere in the country, with 47 per cent of respondents admitting they use car search websites to find vehicles outside of their local area.

The survey, which examined consumer attitudes to online car shopping, also found that 70 per cent of consumers would consider buying either new or used cars, further demonstrating the blurring of the lines between traditional new and used car buyers, a trend influenced by changing attitudes to car finance.

Dermot Kelleher, Director of Marketing & Business Intelligence at, said: “This data overwhelmingly shows the importance of dealers having a presence across multiple car search websites. Each engagement with a dealer’s brand or stock will compound to help their decision making.  

“Thanks to our network partnerships with trusted and well-known sites such as, and RAC Cars, amongst many others, we are able to offer dealers the ability to put their vehicles in front of consumers at multiple touchpoints.

“Our network offers dealers a gateway to the internet, with a variety of media brands targeted at different consumers, ensuring their vehicles are visible to millions of car buyers.

“We encourage dealers to think about their advertising across the value chain. It is incredibly important to generate the initial exposure through multiple websites.

“But it is also important that other elements, such as presentation, pricing and a fantastic sales experience, create a great customer experience with the dealer’s brand at every stage of the buying process – not just when consumers walk into the dealership.”