incadea - open-platform DMS

incadea is a leading provider of DMS, CRM and enterprise technology solutions for the automotive industry.

Manage your business with maximum efficiency, using open-platform software and technology built to boost growth, profitability and productivity.


incadea.dms - The next generation DMS
incadea.dms is an open-platform dealer management system designed to improve dealership performance. incadea.dms gives you the tools to optimise customer and employee relationships, manage stocking and sales, and control your finance, all from one place.

One fully integrated solution, giving you the power to:

  • Drive results in every area of your dealership
  • Optimise key processes and increase transparency across all functions
  • Maximise employee utilisation, performance and efficiency
  • Build strong customer relationships with improved services and CRM management
  • Control your sales process and maximise the value of every lead
  • Make decisions informed by innovative data


incadea.closeit - Your complete dealership sales performance tool
incadea.closeit provides an advanced lead management system, using intelligent, real-time data to drive productivity, sales conversion and customer relationships.

Optimise business performance and value with an integrated CRM system that can be adapted to your way of working. incadea.closeit puts you in control of your sales process, enabling you to manage customer communication by bringing all your software together.


incadea.voicesafe - Secure, connected calls with every customer
incadea.voicesafe enables dealers to manage calls anytime, anywhere, with a responsive web application fuelled by data.

Access and analyse your business telephone activity with easy-to-use software to help you better understand your customers.

  • 3,500+ deslerships


  • 95,000+ users


  • 90+ countries




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