Xtime - An integrated solution for the ultimate service experience


Xtime is the retail automotive industry’s leading retention solution.

It’s designed to provide a premium customer experience, ultimately helping dealerships and OEMs to maximise their profitability through better retention, deeper brand loyalty and increased customer spend.


Since its launch in 2004, Xtime has booked more than 100 million service visits worldwide, and currently processes more than 3.2m per month. It’s used by 24 global OEMs converting a combined total of $8.8 billion in service revenue, all of this spread across 7,000 dealerships in three different continents.



  • Schedule - The industry’s leading scheduling & workshop management tool
  • Invite - A revolutionary way to fill unsold shop capacity


Xtime RTC

  • Advisor App - Unique RTC customer check-in/out process using an iPad app
  • Workshop - A live view of the workshop on one screen
  • Inspection - Complete electronic Vehicle Health Check system (eVHC)
  • Contact - Fully-scripted module for contacting customers
  • Over 24 OEM clients

    Over 24

    OEM clients
  • Over 7,000 dealer clients

    Over 7,000

    dealer clients

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