How we’re different

Our vision is to transform the way the world buys, sells and owns vehicles.
- Martin Forbes, CEO, Cox Automotive UK

Family owned

We’re part of Cox Enterprises Inc – one of the world’s largest privately owned communications, media and automotive services companies.

Since its formation in 1898, Cox Enterprises has gone from strength to strength thanks to a long-term outlook and determination to create a sustainable and financially secure business.

One of the world’s largest privately owned automotive services companies

Today, that same security gives us a significant investment capability, as well as creating exciting potential for new partnerships. We might have grown, but some things haven’t changed, and we’re still a company powered by great people, family values and a commitment to being the kind of ‘can-do’ team we always have been.

More innovative

We’re a business built on innovation.That means we don’t just listen and respond to the demands of our clients and their customers: we also actively search for new opportunities and practical ways to improve how the world buys, sells and owns vehicles.

Over the years we’ve developed some of the industry’s most exciting and best-loved products and tools: innovations that are helping to revolutionise the buying, selling and owning experience.

Bigger scale

We’re a formidable force when it comes to the resources at our disposal – a quick look at the facts and figures proves that.

8 million vehicles handled each year

What’s really exciting is that the size of our business brings with it some very big benefits for the people we work with. Long-term security is an obvious plus, because we’re well established, financially secure and dependable. We also offer our clients extraordinary levels of expertise, not to mention all the resources and facilities it takes to offer an exemplary service to even the busiest dealers and OEMs.

Wider scope

We’ve worked with automotive clients for long enough to understand that their roles are busy and complex, and that a one-stop-shop approach is often what they need.

To address this, we’ve developed a uniquely broad range of products and services: one that covers everything from stock logistics to online marketing and everything in between.

Our products and services complement each other perfectly, enabling solutions that cover every stage of the vehicle lifecycle or commercial process. Clients can choose a single product or service, or a highly customised end-to-end package spanning several of our brands and solutions. Our IT and software-based products aren’t just packed with features; they’re designed to work across every relevant device or channel. No other comparable automotive business offers the range of products, services and solutions we do.

Better connected

We operate across the four distinct but related business solution areas of Inventory, Retail, Media and Financial.

As well as helping us offer a more comprehensive service whenever clients need it, this also gives us access to massive amounts of information, data and insight. In turn, this means our solutions are always based on detailed research and intelligence, not hunches.

Individually Strong, even better together

Our Brands



With 15 UK centres, 50 weekly sales, and 100 years of experience, we’re first choice for buying and selling in-lane and online at auction.

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Modix deliver cutting-edge marketing solutions to help clients maximise the success of their business. We do this with tools and services that promote clients’ brands, businesses and vehicles.

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NextGear Capital

The NextGear Capital Stocking Plan provides a simple, cost-effective stock-funding plan for helping independent and franchised used vehicle dealers to buy and manage their stock.

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