1. View multiple auctions at once

Simulcast allows you to view as many live auctions as you’d like at once. You’ll be able to see and hear a live video stream for each auction you’re in.

2. Dive into the data

The ‘Current Lot’ section will display all vehicle information, a NAMA grade, service history, inspection report and pricing information so you can make a fully informed decision on a vehicle before bidding.

3. Ask the auctioneer a question

Instant message you can send messages to the auctioneer and they can respond verbally. You only get 100 characters so make sure your message is clear and concise, and that you have the audio turned on to hear their response!

4. Get to know the vehicle before bidding

Every vehicle comes with detailed imagery that highlights any damage and inspection report. Plus, SureCheck and CheckPoint info will be displayed on applicable vehicles.

5. Download the app

Download the Simulcast app – available on all Apple and Android devices – to source stock from anywhere you are, so you never have to miss out on a vehicle again. It’s a must have tool for any serious buyer!