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"Stewards of the world we live in"

Cox Automotive

Opportunity for all

At Cox Automotive, we're committed to having a diverse workforce that reflects the communities we serve and to fostering an environment that builds on the unique talents and perspectives that come from variety of people . It's one of our core company values.

The core principles of which are to;

Read our 2018 gender pay gap report here >

The impact of vehicles - now and in the future


Raising awareness about the impacts of vehicles and support expansion of the fuel-efficient vehicle marketplace - it’s ingrained in our culture.

Encouraged by our leadership, driven by our team members and enthusiastically embraced – at every level – throughout the year.

We aim to leverage our global brands to educate and inspire clients and consumers about the impacts of vehicles and automotive - now and in the future, and to support the development of a fuel-efficient vehicle marketplace.

Sustainable production

At Cox Automotive, we are committed to being good stewards of the environment and have long engaged in eco-friendly practices.

Through sustainable production we're seeking to lessen our impact on the environment by managing our waste and conserving carbon and water. We're incorporating sustainability into every aspect of our business by harnessing today's technology while anticipating tomorrow's innovations.Increase eco-friendly practices in our operations and supply chain.

Our key sustainability goals encompass;

Social health and wellbeing

Improving the health and well-being of team members, and the communities where we live and work.

Without the communities we work in, we would be nothing. The communities where we work are also the communities where we live and play. They are a part of our family. We are passionate about making a positive difference in each and every one.

Connecting team members with our local communities and providing them with tools to help others lead healthier and happier lives. Making a positive impact in the communities where we operate through non profit partnership, volunteerism and reducing hunger.

Sustainable infrastructure design

Infrastructure is the key to creating a healthy, happy and thriving economic climate in communities around the world. It is important to our future success and plays a critical role in creating and enhancing sustainability.

Cox Automotive is an advocate for sustainable infrastructure and invest in sustainable solutions for team members and communities, become a leading industry advocate for alternative fuel infrastructure and transportation.

It is not simply the short-term provision of infrastructure that is of prime importance, but planning and designing infrastructure which takes full account of its own impact and its operational needs and use. Infrastructure must be sustainable if it is to benefit coming generations and make a positive contribution to the future. Providing such infrastructure now is an investment that will pay off many times over. Cox Automotive wants to be a part of this, both now and in the future, and we are investing in access to sustainable energy solutions for team members and the communities in which we operate.

Shaping a better world through our actions and influence
- Cox Automotive, Corporate Responsibility Council 

Corporate social responsibility in the UK

At our core we're a family business. The early DNA of our parent company was woven around a rich heritage of supporting employees, their families, and even the towns and cities they lived and worked in.

We're proud to say that this is a tradition we continue to this day.


Ethical purchasing policy – suppliers

Cox Automotive purchases a wide range of goods and services required in the operation of our business and we rely on a number of key suppliers for the delivery of our core services. Good working relationships with our suppliers are therefore central to the success of our business. Our purchasing policy ensures that our business standards are integrated throughout the supply chain.
•    We are committed to obtaining and retaining competitive goods and services, whilst also ensuring they are from sources which have not jeopardised human rights, safety or the environment
•    We are a member of the MSDUK network, We Connect, and are committed to  actively seeking diversity in our supply chain
•    We aim to develop strong relationships with our suppliers, based on mutual trust, understanding and respect plus shared ethical values

Statement on preventing human labour exploitation (modern slavery)

Cox Automotive are committed to ensuring that there is no modern slavery or human trafficking in our supply chains or any part of our business.
Modern slavery is a crime which results in the abhorrent abuse of the human rights of vulnerable workers. The company has a zero tolerance approach to modern slavery and is committed to acting ethically and with integrity and transparency in all its business dealings and relationships. We will implement effective systems and controls to ensure that modern slavery and human trafficking are not taking place either within our own business or in any part of our supply chain, in compliance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

The company expects the same high standards from all of its suppliers, contractors and other business partners, and as part of its contracting processes includes specific prohibitions against the use of modern slavery: in turn we expect our suppliers to hold their own supply chains to these high standards.

Download our corporate social responsibility statement here >

Accreditations and customer service

As you’d expect from an industry-leading organisation like Cox Automotive, we’re constantly striving to be the best at what we do.

We’re always incredibly proud whenever we achieve and earn recognition of our efforts through certifications and membership to organisations, which ultimately support our values. We hold membership to the British Safety Council and of our many other achievements, we’re particularly proud of our accreditation to


Our clients are our lifeblood, so we’re building a high-quality client experience, taking pride in making it easy for our clients, every day.  We’re leveraging data to drive effective relationships with buyers and meet their growing expectations.

With a focus on delivering excellent customer service, we’re always working to enhance and increase our offering.  As a member of the Institute of Customer Service we constantly benchmark our performance, engage our employees and raise our standards to consistently give clients the best possible service.

Cox Automotive Foundation

At Cox Automotive, we're all big supporters of local and national charities. Each year, the business chooses a Charity of the Year for its primary fundraising activities.

Our teams enthusiastically unite across the entire business to find fun and innovative ways to raise thousands of pounds in support.

Teams from every one of our auction centres are encouraged to choose local charities and community organisations to support. Their efforts never cease to be amazing. 

In 2014, World Cup fund-raising fever helped inspire our teams to run through mud, climb obstacles, raffle cars, brave ice-cold sponges, bake a mountain of tasty buns and cakes, and even undertake a 92 hour relay marathon – all to help raise an eye-popping £45,000 for over 30 different charities.

Another great example of this includes the amazing national and local initiatives we ran during 2012, in support of the NSPCC. Inspired by the 2012 London Olympics Torch Relay, our national Golden Gavel fund-raising drive saw teams of Manheim colleagues run, jump, cycle and bake their way to raising thousands of pounds.

Cox Automotive

Tax policy

You can download the Cox Automotive UK tax policy here >

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