• Manheim Vehicle Services (MVS) partners with EDF Energy-owned POD Point to create 30-vehicle charging super centre at MVS Bruntingthorpe
  • Capable of charging more than 800 vehicles a week, the site features more than 30 standalone chargers
  • Open to customers, the MVS Bruntingthorpe EV Charging Centre supports multi-customer, multi-vehicle billing through sophisticated software

Supporting the continued growth of electric vehicles across the UK, Cox Automotive has invested more than £100,000 in partnership with POD Point, part of EDF Energy, to install Array Charging equipment on-site at MVS Bruntingthorpe. Creating a 30-vehicle charging super centre on site, the investment provides the capability for more than 800 customer vehicles to charge each week, as well as futureproofing the site for later expansion. This adds to the existing infrastructure in place across the operational areas on site.

The new MVS Bruntingthorpe EV Charging Centre features 30, 7kW (single phase) Twin Chargers, as well as a 50kW Velocity Charger for rapid charging. The sophisticated software integration allows for both RFID card and App-based access, while all chargers have universal socketed versions so drivers can plugin with their own cable. Custom pricing tariffs are also available for specific driver groups.

Sam Watkins, Commercial Director, Manheim Vehicle Services, commented: "As electric vehicles become more prevalent across the UK, we have invested in onsite charging technology to align with the needs of our customers. The creation of an EV Charging Centre demonstrates our commitment to evolving vehicle technologies, futureproofing our sites, and ensuring customers’ needs are met."

Denis Watling at Pod Point Ltd added: "Our latest install of 30 charging bays at the MVS site in Bruntingthorpe is another great example of how the industry is working together to achieve a zero-carbon transport future. The Smart Reporting platform allows MVS to have an overview of all activity on their chargers across their sites through one simple web portal. Visibility of usage and cost tracking means MVS can continually assess and easily plan to scale-up their infrastructure in-line with demand for the future."

The MVS Bruntingthorpe EV Charging Centre will be available for customers to use on a pre-booked basis, with individual billing agreements and support from the MVS team on site.

Pete Bell, Chief Operating Officer, Cox Automotive Europe, added: "Managing electric vehicles requires a different skillset, specific training and investment. We have focused on all three – equipping our people and our sites with the expertise and tools to support electric vehicles from day one through in-life management, defleet and disposal."

The MVS Bruntingthorpe EV Charging Centre is part of Cox Automotive’s ongoing commitment to developing the technical support and expertise for the physical asset, irrespective of fuel type and ownership model. It follows the introduction of gas catalytic drying systems at MVS Bruntingthorpe, which use 75% less energy than traditional methods. It is part of the company’s programme of future investment into EV related services, with more being rolled out in 2021.